Welcome to part two of our kitchen renovation series; Home is Where the Hearth is. 

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The importance of the kitchen in your home. Do you need a new one? If so; what should you do? The journey begins. Part 1 .

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By Elena Johnson 

What is your property really worth today? We can help you figure it out by considering some of these influences.

Depending on when you purchased your property, you may have been on a crest of financial circumstances or you may have been in a ditch. For example, if you bought a property in the midst of the 2008 recession and its wake, the property you purchased was most likely sold for a lower amount than what it would now. On the other hand, if you purchased when the market was flowing and growing, your house may be of equal or lesser value now. It’s important to do your research on how the market in your area has changed since your original purchase.

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