Home is Where the Hearth is; the Importance of the Kitchen, Part 1

The importance of the kitchen in your home. Do you need a new one? If so; what should you do? The journey begins. Part 1 .


Regardless if you have just purchased a home or have been living in your home a while you might want to consider the status and condition of your kitchen for several reasons. The value it currently brings to your home. Does it add to or take away from the quality of living in your home? How will it affect me in the marketplace if I were to sell my home? If the answer to one of the previous questions moves you toward a new kitchen project then you’re off on a journey. One that could run you ragged unless you do some serious planning. A kitchen renovation is one of the two most disruptive projects you could take on in your home. The other of course is the bathroom. Living during the project leaves you with a number of issues that need to be considered. Where will you eat during the renovation? How you will keep the rest of your home clean and protected from dust and dirt during construction? The daily routine of getting the kids, dog, & cat outside to the back yard might need to be planned. Maybe getting to the basement to do laundry will also be a challenge. After addressing these and other issues the final question will be: How long will I have to live with these conditions until the project is completed? Are you curious? Then stay tuned for Part 2.



- Wayne Failoni

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