7 Things to Do to Sell Your Home

7 Things to Do to Sell Your Home

By Elena Johnson

1. Meet with your Realtor to determine what the most important items needing to be done to market the house are.

Whether it’s something as easy as a fresh coat of paint or a little more demanding such as fixing pipes or wires to meet inspection codes, getting your house into better shape increases value. In fact, the better your house looks, the higher its perceived value is, which can go a long way in finding interested buyers. On the other hand, don’t stretch yourself too thin—decide on projects that will have the biggest impact and prioritize those.

2. Finish all projects currently in progress.

Moving into a new house is quite an ordeal; moving into a new house that demands attention right away is even harder. If you want to raise the value of your house, provide potential buyers with a move-in ready space.

3. Get rid of stuff!

Whether you want to sell or donate, paring down your belongings provides a two-fold advantage. Less stuff in the house means less to move. Having your space be less personal also makes it more accessible to potential buyers.

4. Unclutter and move items to make rooms seem more open.

People like having space. Rather than feeling claustrophobic, messy, or small, decluttering rooms can make them feel more inviting and that every square foot is worth its money. Particularly if your home is on the smaller side, making rooms seem as open as possible increases its appeal. Tips on doing this include pushing large furniture items toward the walls, minimizing the use of bold patterns in large spaces, and enhancing lighting.

5. Clean and organize basements and storage areas.

Extra space is a huge selling point on houses, especially for storage. Sell your house by selling the space it has to offer with effective utilization and cleanliness. A clean space is easy to enter and enjoy, but a disorganized or grungy area repels people who can’t see past that distraction.

6. Brighten up rooms with fresh paint.

If you’re getting ready to paint your house, think carefully about what colors you choose! Pale and monochromatic neutrals are best, and using slightly varied tones of the same color for the walls and trim, with the walls slightly darker, can make a room feel bigger. If you have two adjoining rooms, tie them together visually by using the same wall color in both. This creates the appearance of a bigger space and a comfortable flow throughout the house.

7. Increase lighting in as many rooms as possible.

For rooms with large windows and plenty of natural lighting, let it in! A room with lots of natural light and an airy feel is inviting and comfortable. Use minimal window treatments—sheer or something that matches the wall—so as not to break up the open space of the room. For spaces that don’t get much light, and for all rooms when it’s night, be sure to have adequate lighting. You can do this with bigger light bulbs, extra lamps (which also add a decorative element), and opening or removing blinds.

Outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting when it comes to presenting your home. In addition to making sure your yard is aesthetically landscaped with trimmed grass and well-groomed plants, providing a prospective home buyer with lights along a path and porch lights not only increase the welcoming appeal of your home but also insure safety.


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