Tower Grove East

Tower Grove East is a south St. Louis neighborhoods rich in community spirit and architectural styles. 

Tower Grove East has a true neighborhood vibe, and it is common to bump into your neighbors at the local shops and restaurants. Tower Grove East is adjacent to the South Grand area centered at Grand and Arsenal and just south of Compton Heights and Highway 44. It is a common area for families and students alike due to its proximity to business districts, and nearby medical centers such as Saint Louis University (SLU) nursing buildings and hospitals.

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In the mid 19th century, Tower Grove East was pastures for German daily farmers. These German settlers became more successful and built some of the wealthiest mansions on Flora Place and in the Compton Heights Neighborhood. Many of their family members later began to settle in the pastures; they built gorgeous homes and flats for their own use. Many of these buildings are 2.5 stories with very German-like, austere facades and details focused around the entrance to the homes. Inside these German homes, there is stained glass, intricate staircases and pocket doors. Some have been converted from single- to multi-family houses and apartments, and both options to buy or rent are abundant.

Tower Grove East has one of the largest and growing populations in St. Louis City.

Following World War II, this neighborhood, like many, fell on hard times and urban decay set in. However, in the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s, urban-minded people who loved the architecture and location saw the hidden gems in this neighborhood and began to breathe new life into these lovely homes. Similar to Shaw and Tower Grove South, Tower Grove East is undergoing a renovation renaissance. In the early 2000’s there was a huge spike in value and interest in this neighborhood. The desirable location, the striking architecture, and the community feels makes it hugely desirable to many moving into or relocating within the city. 

Local and small businesses can be found throughout the Tower Grove East area, which residents love to frequent, such as Steve's Hot Dogs and the Shaved Duck.

Henry Shaw (Shaw’s Garden) donated the land that was to be Tower Grove Park to the city in 1868.

It comprises close to 300 acres and is amazingly beautiful. Sculptures, fountains, a pond, lots of open green space and uniquely decorative pavilions can be found throughout the park. This is a great location for the summer Farmer’s Market, Yoga in the park on Saturday mornings, band concerts, movie night, the International Festival, Pagan Fest and Pride Fest—just a few of the things you can experience in this lovely park. Also, kick-ball leagues have the fields jumping on Saturdays and Sundays.

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